For 6 months, I’ve been incredibly angry about Donald Trump. Like millions of you, it’s affected my sleep, my moods, my life outlook and my personal relationships.

Yet starting with January’s Women’s March, I’ve been heartened by the men and women resisting the plea of others to give this aspiring despot a “chance” or go along to get along. Fortunately, few of us listened.

Instead, we pledged time and energy to dissent, which I considre the real patriotism. Better yet, it seems like it’s about to pay off. Trump is faltering. He’s screaming at TV sets, belittling his top Department of Justice people and acting like a rat who’s been cornered.

I certainly don’t know what the outcome of the Mueller/FBI investigations will be, but I am confident that the people of this country, its government or even Trump himself cannot withstand 4 years of this.

We’re a great country but we get a little angry and crazy sometimes. This time it went too far, but I am confident the good people will win the fight.

But….”winning” means nothing if you lose yourself.

It is disheartening to see lots of agile, smart people with good minds letting their anger take over. Instead of carrying on with their lives, they are railing against varied stupidities of Trump shills and media bloviators on cable, social media or news websites.

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t. Take care of yourself. Get off social media. It’s finally summer. Go outside. Do fun things. Walk or take a bike ride. Get in a boat. Take a road trip. Spend time with those you love. Garden. Be with your friends, families, pets, etc. Read good books. Watch TV shows. Go to movies.

Finally…don’t stay glued to the news for your day. There’s work to be done and life to be lived. I can say this much from experience….it’ll be there when you get back.