In Praise of James Garner

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In Praise of James Garner.

Serenity Now!

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I’ve had a great week. First of all, I had acupuncture from a nagging, persistent back pain. It worked. The key to acupuncture is not to look when the needle is inserted.
I’ve gone to chiropractors in the past. While I know there are good ones, there’s a reason most are called “chiroquacktors.” The acupuncture works and I’ll go again. I’m holding off on the kickboxing because I still have some healing bones in my fractured left toe from Thanksgiving’s injury.
Still, I was feeling better. That is why I went to TWO, count ’em TWO, yoga classes in a week.  I stopped doing adult yoga regularly in the fall of 2011. In fact, I hadn’t been to an adult class since my last visit toKripalu over a year ago. Kids and family yoga is great, but it’s really a whole different thing.

I had a free class card from Yogaworks and took a gentle class in downtown Brooklyn. It was wonderful. It brought me right back to what I liked about yoga in the first place. Yes, my body is stiff and can’t automatically go to the places it did before I started chasing a toddler and turned 50.
At the same time, I felt like, “I can do this again.” That reassurance and feeling of non-judgement on myself is worth a lot.
So I offer many thanks to instructor John Ford. And no, I didn’t make any stupid comments about his name. But I can’t get the song from the great director’s last big movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” out of my head. My poor beloved. Now she has to endure me watching another John Wayne movie. As they say out in Monument Valley — “Namaste, Pilgrim.”
Then yesterday at church, Stephanie Gannon led adults and kids on a very gentle yoga as part of Sabbath Sunday. Serenity took over. It was amazing how suddenly all that stuff that seems important really isn’t so important. For validation, I looked back at my most recent Facebook posts:
While I still think I’m the planet’s most clever human being, it all now seems so trivial. I mean, WTF cares if Andy Lack returning to head NBC News means that Brian Williams gets his job back? Is Bill O’Reilly’s credibility shot? He never had any to begin with. Haters are gonna hate and believers will still think his lies are a left-wing conspiracy. Will Hillary’s e-mail gambit cost her votes? Maybe, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And maybe I shouldn’t care. The Republican strategist who advised everyone to just keep their mouths shut and let her dangle has it right.
So, as part of my new spiritual practice, I’m going to say goodbye to this awful habit:

Please try it yourself and tell me if it works for you.