Last Friday on Facebook I post that I would no longer post items reflecting partisan political views. My logic was that I had become sick of seeing how these posts only succeeded in baring everyone’s fangs, and that it doesn’t lead to reasonable discourse. I’ve had enough of negative thinking.

Some people pleaded “Say It Ain’t So, Pete!” Others said “Bully,” and that getting into those discussions was a waste of my time and talent. Fair enough on both sides.

But there was more which I hadn’t revealed. Three weeks ago I went to see one of the last Broadway performances of the magnificent “If/Then” starring Adele Dazeem. It was pouring out, and I had time to kill. Some nice people across the street invited me in and offered coffee and donuts.

While there, we talked. It turned out that a good deal of my life had been spent acquiring something called engrams — reactions to mental images that can be painful, debilitating, and limiting to being faithful to my true identity.

That led me to believe that the only way to be free of this cloudiness is to take a personal inventory, much like the financial one so many of us are engaged in at this time of year.

I finished my coffee and realized I’d entered a new realm. Suddenly I feel free to enjoy the work of the thespians across the street.

Thanks for listening. It feels good to have gone clear.