Like millions of others, I’ve been burning up social media in my disgust of our President-Elect.

This fake reality show is now a reality. Donald J. Trump — fake billionaire, Vladimir Putin puppet, supplicant to right-wing forces, failed casino owner, reality show star, Birther enthusiast, chief racist dog-whistle shouter, unsuccessful litigant, moral degenerate, hater of the free press, ADD-suffering narcissist who is too smart for intelligence briefings, and unrepentant braggart pussy grabber — assumes office in less than 30 days.

The principal role of a “normal” President is to uphold and defend the United States Constitution. If I thought Trump were going to do that, I wouldn’t want him to fail.

But there is no way anyone can consider this a “normal” American transition of power, or blithely assume Trump will be a ‘normal” President. I abhor all efforts to “normalize” this pustule of a canker sore pretending to be a part of the human race.

My disgust is much less important though, than the things I want Trump and his masters/handlers/lackeys to fail at:

– efforts to go forward with his corrupt conflicts of interest
– reawakening the use of coal in this country
– efforts to destroy the EPA and end environmental regulations
– efforts to end banking regulations
– lowering taxes for the rich
– making abortion illegal
– heating up the climate
– his “jobs” efforts; while might succeed in improving our neglected infrastructure, lowering taxes for the rich will blow a huge hole in the budget and push inflationary pressures
– moving his equally greedy children into international relations, so they can make more money for his businesses
– getting inaugurated without setting up a blind trust
– having that buffoon racist Jeff Sessions running the Justice Department
– normalizing his Nazi/white supremacist followers to commit hate crimes against Muslims, African Americans and gay people

Do you think I am being a mite harsh? OK, I’ll relent a bit. Other than the above list, I wish the Trump Administration nothing but success.