Little Boy Who Needs Attention

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Yes, I’m back to saying antagonistic things about Trump. Those that dislike these comments are free to ignore them or engage in reasoned debate.



I don’t hate him. I just think we should be angrier about him.


I do not hate Donald Trump. Really. We are all God’s Children. Trump has not done anything to me personally. I don’t think he even believes half the vile garbage that comes out of his mouth. Underneath it all, I suspect he’s just an insecure little boy who craves attention.

The problem is that the media hangs on every word this spoiled little boy says. I just don’t like the effect it’s having on the country I love. Worse, the craven Republican Party is getting ready to hand him the keys to their car because he’s “an effective communicator.”

To me, that is dangerous. It is not a situation that calls for Americans to be shrinking violets.

OK, I’ll Try Shutting Up Until After Iowa/NH

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Here is my alternate-reality theory:  Trump’s lark got too out of hand for him. Each outrageous stunt tries to get him out of the race while appeasing that huge ego. Yet he can’t — the polls, cheering crowds and attention won’t let him.
I’m serious. I truly think the Sarah Palin endorsement is a Hail Mary pass by The Donald.
Trump’s problem? Beyond a few primaries, he’ll need a billion dollars to run a real campaign with staff, infrastructure, ads, courting delegates, etc. Since he hates the idea of having to fund raise and can’t come up with it himself, why not just keep alienating more people?
Which brings us to Palin. The only reason this woman is relevant is because her idiocy makes good copy. The only people who listen to her were going to vote Cruz or Trump no matter what. Beyond that, what is her influence? I’m angriest at the media. Even NPR is practically wetting itself over this story.
This campaign has gone from reality TV, past meta-reality and all the way to alternate reality. I can only conclude that the end game is a Trump/Mark Burnett production starring Scheming Sara, Sadistic Track, Slutty Bristol and Stoic Todd.
Oh, and I do mourn the death of the Republican Party. Given their blind adherence to Hillary’s plodding, the Democrats may not be far behind.