I’m a lifelong enthusiast of TV, media and politics. Still, after the last Presidential election, I got rid of most cable channels. In particular, I didn’t see how the garbage that passes for political insight on CNN, Fox and MSNBC was worth the extra money.

If I had any doubts about that decision, Time Magazine’s political analyst, Mark Halperin, erased them for good this morning. Halperin went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” earlier today, as he often does, this time to comment on President Obama’s press conference yesterday. Halperin asked whether a seven-second delay was in effect for the broadcast. Then he slurred President Obama with a four-letter barnyard epithet for penis. Afterward, he smiled and apologized with “I shouldn’t have said it.”

Nonsense. That was clearly Halperin’s intent. One hour later, Comcast, the new owners of MSNBC, suspended Halperin indefinitely from “Morning Joe.” They apologized to the White House as well.

Good. Civility doesn’t need to triumph above free speech, but It’s about time there was some accountability for this kind of juvenile vulgarity among the “chattering classes.” Really, what other purpose do people like Halperin serve? With his little smirk and wink to the camera, Halperin certainly was successful in vying for attention of the media that only seems to talk to itself. Only this time, he hurt both his reputation and his employer.

Everyone has a right to their opinion about the job that the President of the United States is doing. But the institution itself is more important than who happens to sit in the big chair. Even though they’re probably enjoying the cheap attention it’s generating, I’m glad MSNBC recognized that.