I consider myself a realist. It’s easy to imagine that some of my oldest friends find my social media posts (OK, sometimes rants) annoying, antagonistic or just plain boring.

If they have tuned them out. I understand and that’s fine.

Tomorrow we get a new United States President and I am having a hard time considering him “legitimate.” Yes, I accept the outcome and the will of the people such as it is decided. But this is different.

When other Presidents I didn’t vote for were elected, I accepted “the People’s Voice” and moved on. Why? Because democracy spoke and prevailed. Even if I disagreed with the White House occupant’s views, I felt reasonably confident he would uphold and defend the Constitution.

In that regard, the President has always been deserving of respect, as is the office. And for most of my life, I have not been very “political.”

But tomorrow afternoon, the newly-inaugurated President will not be “legitimate” in my eyes because he is a moral sewer.


This is a man who described “grabbing women by the pussy” at age 59. He criticizes women on their looks. He mimicked a disabled person, who also happens to be a damn good reporter. He hates a free press. He cannot handle legitimate criticism from anyone with a media profile and just shrug it off. In his business career, he has neither been all that successful, nor shown any regard for even basic ethical and moral standards.

Perhaps scariest of all, Vladimir Putin may well have him in a compromised situation.

I still hold out some hope that once Trump truly sees what he has gotten himself into, he will straighten up, fly right and behave like a leader. Until that happens though, he is not deserving of my respect.

As for those marching Saturday, be safe!