We have all kinds of tremendous problems in our city, our country and the world.  I’ve concluded that we speak out most effectively against harm and injustices to the innocent that hit close to home.

I am angry about the pace at which people on bicycles and walking are getting hit, mangled, mutilated and killed.

Yesterday, there was a mistrial despite overwhelming evidence against Marlon Sewell, who mowed down Victoria Nicodemus on Brooklyn’s Fulton Street with his Chevrolet Suburban in late 2015. Mr. Sewell ‘s vehicle had gas fumes, he was on medication that made him drowsy, and he lied to police about the circumstances of his losing control. Yet one juror decided this trial had to be about race, not justice and  called it an accident. The judge had no option but to declare it a mistrial. #CrashNotAccident

A few Sundays ago, my family and I were marshals in the inaugural 15-mile family ride of the 28th annual NYC Century Bike Tour. It was a beautiful day, and most riders had a great day.

Five riders didn’t. At 9am, while waiting at a red light in Borough Park, they were hit by a drunk driver. One woman is in very serious condition after being dragged under the driver’s minivan.  Her injuries include liver lacerations, intra-abdominal bleeding, traumatic brain injury and a spleen removal.

My brother-in-law came upon the horrible scene. He said he was reminded of how a precious human life can be altered in seconds.

In this case, the driver has been charged with driving while intoxicated. His blood alcohol level of .266 was twice the legal limit. He was also driving with a suspended license.

The ride’s organizer, Transportation Alternatives, is doing everything it can to ensure that the NYPD’s investigation is thorough. That isn’t always the case. Too often, the attitude of police investigators is that most of these crashes are “accidents.” They’re not. #CrashNotAccident

The very next morning, an unidentified woman riding a Citi Bike was struck by the driver of a ten-wheel truck on 7th Avenue near the corner of 30th Street on Monday morning. The victim was pinned under the vehicle and transported to Bellevue Hospital with body trauma. The driver and victim yelled at one another after the crash, witnesses told DNAInfo. Six pedestrians have been injured at the intersection of West 30th Street and 7th Avenue since 2009. The investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed. #CrashNotAccident

In my home town of Oceanside, New York, a high school freshman was hit by a car that apparently didn’t stop at an intersection. The severity of her injuries suggest that the driver didn’t even slow down to a reasonable speed. I know that intersection well, both as a cyclist and a driver.  At times, the Nassau County Police have stepped up enforcement to keep it safe there. But no one was there that day. #CrashNotAccident

Remember children like Samuel Cohen-Eckstein, Cooper Stock and Allison Liao. They were hit and killed by reckless, inattentive and/or speeding drivers. #CrashNotAccident

Whenever these tragedies occur, there are inevitably online comments about the rudeness of cyclists who don’t stop at red lights, who are aggressive, who threaten, who jump ahead of motor vehicles at stop lights. My response to that is, what’s your point? Does that justify the harm to them?

Thousands of drivers in New York City are injuring and killing their fellow New Yorkers, yet our city’s District Attorneys let them get away with it. According to a report issued by Transportation Alternatives, fewer than 1% of the drivers involved in roughly 4,000 hit-and-run crashes in 2015 that resulted in injury or death were charged with a crime.

“Not a single one of the DAs offices is really doing its job when it comes to holding dangerous and reckless drivers accountable,” TA director Paul Steeley White says. “The DAs are just not present for a whole class of serious injury and critical injury cases,” “They’re just not paying attention.”

In 2013, cab driver Mohammed Himon jumped the curb outside of Rockefeller Center and struck tourist Sian Green, causing her foot to be amputated. Himon admitted to being agitated at a cycclist when it happened, but he was never charged by Manhattan DA Cy Vance, Jr.

In all this, motor vehicles are the chief maimer and killer. Almost every day, we hear about a driver who plows into a sidewalk and crashes into a storefront. The police call it an accident, or say that it is somehow the vehicle’s fault rather than the driver’s. It’s not. #CrashNotAccident

I am a cyclist, but I am not anti-car. Motor vehicles aren’t going anywhere. But the pro-automobile environment we live in is changing. We cannot have carnage, we have to get along, and Share The Road has to start somewhere. That starts with law enforcement officials who treat drivers in crashes as suspects, the same way they are supposed to treat drunk drivers.

As it stands now, they look for ways to blame the victim. That is particularly galling when the victim is dead.

Last week, my first-grader was proud of herself. for being able to ride the length of our city block by herself. I’m proud of her too. What I want now is her to be safe doing so in any community. The same goes for any rider or walker.