Yesterday on Facebook I posted a snarky take on the disastrous first week of Megyn Kelly’s much-hyped Today Show hour. I called it “a perfectly Trumpian bowlful of Not Good.”

On her Monday debut show, Kelly asked a “Will & Grace” superfan if the popular sitcom had made him gay. Kelly also told him that she hopes “the gay thing” works out for him. Yes, she said that. “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing must have screamed at NBC publicists for being a part of this. She says she was “dismayed” about the comments and regrets going on the show.

Then came yesterday. Look, at this point Jane Fonda is a Hollywood legend, not a radical firebrand. Pressing her about plastic surgery is mean stuff, and pretty tone-deaf. It’s 2017. Most of Kelly’s viewers aren’t shouting “Hanoi Jane” at the screen.

Pushing Jane Fonda to say “let’s not go there” about plastic surgery proves Megyn Kelly isn’t fully transitioned to morning TV yet.

For these missteps, Megyn Kelly is being mercilessly criticized. It’s not undeserved, but let’s be fair. Anyone who works at Fox News needs deprogramming before re-entering civilized society. And it’s really hard to consider NBC News to be civilized society.

Still, let’s give Megyn a chance. If NBC is patient, history may well be on her side.Take a look at the boys who have walked a mile in her shoes.

– Jay Leno. Even if he had handled the transition well — which he didn’t — Leno took over for JOHNNY CARSON. It was inevitable that he would pale in comparison, and he did. It took about 3 years for Leno to get sea legs. Conan O’Brien was equally adrift for a few years.

– Jon Stewart. When he took over “The Daily Show” from that smirky guy whose name I cannot remember back in 1999, Stewart was not an A-lister. He was not considered a first-rate standup comic nor a political mind. We all know that Stewart proved otherwise and made that show an institution for the next 16 years.

– Trevor Noah. Stewart’s success meant that his successor would be unfairly measured in comparison. It took Donald Trump to help Noah find his sea legs. He is sharp, insightful, funny, yet very different than the last guy. Yet many still miss Stewart.

– Stephen Colbert. When he took over David Letterman’s slot on CBS, Colbert was being compared not just to Letterman but…Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report.” The initial disappointment in his new show probably had to do with viewers still expecting that mock-Bill O’Reilly character. But like Trevor Noah, Colbert found his voice in 2016. The show is his now.

Megyn Kelly says she doesn’t want to “be political.” That’s consistent with a 9am network show. But it’s going to be hard. Kelly made her bones being castigated in the most vulgar way by Trump. How long can that be resisted?

But I do see a way out of this. Her producers have to first recognize that Megyn Kelly is considered an ice queen. She is not Kelly Ripa. She cannot get away with prattling endlessly about herself, her kids, sex with her husband, shopping, etc.

No, my suggestion is that Megyn Kelly show some humility, humanity and vulnerability. How about a week in Puerto Rico – living in tents and helping to provide food and aid to hurricane victims?