In the past week, Donald Trump has met with the editorial boards of the Washington Post and The New York Times. As predicted, he showed himself to be dangerously shallow and out of his depth on what a President does, particular in global affairs.

Just as predictably, all those scared, angry and disheartened about Donald Trump are screaming and yelling.

But you know what? Maybe we all should all just take a deep breath and realize that this is not the 2nd coming of the Third Reich.

I say with some ease and confidence that Donald Trump is not running to actually be President. Trump is only running to win. He set out to show the uptight GOP losers that he is better than them, more in touch with voter sentiment and that he COULD win if he wanted to. He also set out to scare the Bejeesus out of Democrats.

Trump has proven his point, succeeding on both counts even beyond his wildest dreams. The problem? The game was never meant to get this far or be this successful. He has no exit strategy and his ego won’t let him back away.

This may be the part where it’s less fun for Trump. The media is starting to emerge from its lazy fog and ask real questions. They’re tired of the grandstanding and bragging from Trump. They know they haven’t done their jobs, and it’s time to pretend otherwise. Sunday’s “Meet The Press” — which has been a Trump smooch-fest all year — turned on him Sunday.

If the tide is turning, Trump’s team isn’t prepared to think strategically. They’re going day-by-day, scrambling and stumbling along as they ride the greatest run of good fortune since the Irish Sweepstakes. But the boss is mercurial and cruel, which makes them overworked. He’s gotten so personal with Ted Cruz, an even nastier piece of work, that it’s starting to ricochet back. Trump fans may give him more primary wins, but it’s going to take a heavy toll. And cost money that he probably never planned to spend.

NYT and WaPost can play “gotcha” about Trump’s idiocy in foreign affairs all they want, but it’s pointless. This man has serious ADD and no interest in running the United States.

What he is running is a shell game that will end. His marks? Trump supporters and the breathless media. All of us, actually.

It’ll end eventually, probably in Cleveland — the GOP will give Trump a deal so he can say “I Win!” Trump always says that when he loses, whether it’s his trophy properties in bankruptcy, USFL football, casinos in receivership, Trump Steaks, Trump University and others I’ve lost count of.

He’ll go away for awhile later this summer, but not until he breaks the GOP’s back and makes them beckon at his feet first.  Look at what he got Chris  Christie to do.

Trump will give the GOP his delegates. First they will all have to pay heed like Christie!

Trump will give the GOP his delegates. First they will all have to pay heed like Christie!