March 2, 2016

The Honorable Mary Pat Christie
First Lady, State of New Jersey

Dear Mrs. Christie:

Your husband Chris has not returned to work in his capacity as Governor of the State of New Jersey since ending his Presidential bid earlier in February. He has not reported to his office at the State House in Trenton as promised.

This creates an unfortunate power vacuum. Worse, our efforts to reach your husband have been unsuccessful. He has no more leave time allowed.

Unfortunately, Governor Christie is now considered derelict in his duties. Since he has not responded to our many calls, texts and emails, please inform him that Kim Guadajnos is now Governor of the State of New Jersey until further notice.


James A.Gallagher, Official Timekeeper
Governor’s Office, State Of New Jersey

Trenton, NJ
Christie_ _Trump1
Attempts by the state of New Jersey to locate Governor Christie in recent days have been futile. Kim Guadajnos is now acting Governor.

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