We will know soon, but if the Super Tuesday prognostications are right, Trump will prevail with Republican voters and Hillary Clinton with Democrats.

Hate away at me all you want, but Bernie Sanders’ days as a Presidential candidate are essentially over.

He can and should stick around until California if he so desires. Senator Sanders has important things to say, particularly about income inequality.

Sanders also keeps Hillary focused and makes her a better candidate than she’d be otherwise. As it is, she’s pretty awful left to her own team and her own devices. For that, he has done voters a service.

But whether he realizes it or not, Bernie also started a movement of the young and disaffected. It shouldn’t be abandoned.

I think Bernie Sanders would do best to campaign for open Senate and Congress seats and state contests that matter to him.

That is where those votes will really matter the most. It’s also a chance for people disconnected from DC to get up close and personal with the process, instead of feeling depressed, anxious and powerless.

OK, let me have it.