Yes, I’m back to saying antagonistic things about Trump. Those that dislike these comments are free to ignore them or engage in reasoned debate.



I don’t hate him. I just think we should be angrier about him.


I do not hate Donald Trump. Really. We are all God’s Children. Trump has not done anything to me personally. I don’t think he even believes half the vile garbage that comes out of his mouth. Underneath it all, I suspect he’s just an insecure little boy who craves attention.

The problem is that the media hangs on every word this spoiled little boy says. I just don’t like the effect it’s having on the country I love. Worse, the craven Republican Party is getting ready to hand him the keys to their car because he’s “an effective communicator.”

To me, that is dangerous. It is not a situation that calls for Americans to be shrinking violets.