Hell & Happiness

Mr. Mayor,

I agree with you.

What those NYPD officers did at the funerals is disgraceful. It shows complete lack of respect to the families in their time of mourning.

And I have no issue with you repeating what families of color tell their young sons: based on what we’ve seen, they have reason to fear being harassed, hurt, or even killed by the police, even if they’ve done nothing wrong.

shot-funeralOne friend said that the demagoguery and anger with which the two leading police union leaders despise your statements after the Garner non-decision is a pretty good indication that you’re on the right track.

But let’s face it, the people who look after Dante when he goes to and from school are — trained NYC detectives. That’s why I understand some of the rank-and-file NYPD’s anger towards you.

OK, they hate you. And it’s unlikely to change. Still, if…

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