I used to work with a guy I respect a lot. Still do. He’s a smart, sensible and sensitive human being. Works hard, loves his child, pays his taxes, lives his life with conviction and takes responsibility for his actions.

There’s just one thing that bothers me. While we disagree politically, I just don’t understand his vitriolic hatred for the President of the United States. He HATES Obama. Not just distrust or disagree. HATES. Wants him impeached or jailed.

I probably went overboard on Facebook when I all but accused him of drinking the Tea Party Kool Aid. Then he responded that only “Libutards” (like me, I presume) drink Kool Aid. Really? Here I was thinking that everyone in our hyped-up, angry, social media-driven times has their blood boiling and is standing their ground, at least online.

But I gotta say, whatever my misgivings about Obama — and I do have them — I think history will be kind to him. He is succeeding on some policy fronts — economic recovery, health-care reform, climate change, and education reform. I don’t see what he’s done to directly harm the people of the US. Nor have I heard a word from the GOP/Party of No that isn’t just negativity or a rehash of what hasn’t worked before.

Ten years ago, some of my left-leaning friends screamed at me because I was against Bush/Cheney impeachment, despite the mess in Iraq. To me it wasn’t smart or realistic. My father may turn over in his grave, but from the perspective of 40 years I would not have favored Nixon’s impeachment — though resigning was the right move.

I wanted Hillary in 2008 and thought he was drastically under-qualified. Too many people bought the hype and expected him to be more than a politician. Surprise, surprise! It’s taken a while, but he’s finally gotten some political courage.

Maybe it’s just the realization that there’s no point trying to get people who hate you and want you to fail to see your POV. The GOP has done everything they can to stop Obama with no effect. He just rolls on.

This week they’ve reduced themselves to filing a lawsuit against the White House for choosing executive action instead of waiting for Congress to say what it usually says — No. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. Go cry in your beer, Boehner. You blew it.

Am I defending the POTUS? No. But I’m a patriotic American and a realist. I support our Commander-in-Chief, even when he’s not a Democrat. I’m not happy about the trial and error, on-the-job training of our POTUS. There’s plenty I don’t like, and our foreign policy remains a disaster. But today I see a guy who’s doing a job, sometimes badly, sometimes well. Too often he’s doing the job he was elected to do against people who do nothing and hate him automatically, often because of pre-conceived notions or frankly, the color of his skin.